Aros Mear Log   


Port Mazatlan
Lat Long 37N 136W
Date 3 Nov 2011

In Mazatlan for about two weeks and everything seems to have happened. The journey out was uneventful albeit tiring. I had planned to go straight to Mazatlan but after the prolonged immigration proceedures could not have made the last bus to Mazatlan. The customs officials were more interested in fruit, meat and seeds; valuable was of no interest! Gitte had already booked into an hotel in the centre of town, in a very posh old colonial establishment, the Gran Hotel. She had been pressurising me to join her so I can hardly say that I needed much further persuasion. An experience not to have been lost as the hotel was very much art nouveau built at the end of the 19th c. There was a large central area rising to a domed roof in stained glass and each floor had wrought iron rails beautifully kept and at either end of the oval central area there was an old lift also of wrought iron. Care was second to none and staff had our eight pieces of heavy luggage taken to our room. From the restaurant on the top floor we had a splendid view of the cathedral, goernment buildings and the largest national flag I have ever seen. It flew nicely in the evening breeze but next day it hung loosely about the mast and not fit for that photograph.

During the next day we toured the town before I left for Mazatlan and Gitte stayed another day before going up country  to Guanajuato to see a friend of many years ago from Edinburgh. The bus journey was faster as a new road had been completed through the mountains to give a straight course down hill; truly amazing.Also the countryside was still green from  the heavy wet season. As I write we return to the accustomed brown of the dormant plants. The boat was in fine order but gear was everywhere and has largely remained so until the refitting gets underway. We are not idle waiting for some fittings to be obtainedlocally and then I had to make a trip to Vancouver. My brother-in-law had been ill for sometime and died as I arrived here. I was anxious to be around with my sister, Jane, and all her family. The memorial gathering was a truly wonderful occasion orchestrated by the family of six children. It was a true celebration of life and thanks held on the island of Saturna. Most of the islanders were there added to by a ferry contingent of friends from the mainland.

After six days I returned to the boat. Gitte was back of course but poor soul has a most uncomfortable facial rash which I am certain is akin to pickly heat. With some good advice (!) she is now improving, I hope. She has recorded her trip to the hills making for some good reading on her blog. It is hot but as the days progress the day temperatures slowly lessen and some light covering is needed overnight. Work done over the summer by Rick Cummings is superb with the new stemhead fitings for dual anchors, deck brackets for stowage of the dinghy when on passage and a nice set of s/s cages for fenders attached to the starboard rail. The new electronic gear lies in the suitcases aft and the Eberspacher water heater will soon be installed and running.Shambles are well organised. It is really nice being back on the dock and catching up with old friends of earlier days.

By the way it is good to be away from the fiasco going on in Europe which is having dire effects on the world in general. On that note I will come to an end. In the next few days I will add more pictures to the jalbum site

Interior Cathedral Mexico City

Gran Hotel

Gran Hotel Roof

Boat Interior

Seaplane Vancouver

Tanja and Heloise